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Search Engine Optimisation

Year on year the Internet receives a vast increase in user figures, which is leading to a continual improvement in the number of online sales. If you have a company website then this may seem like a huge advantage, however, if you fail to undertake effective website optimisation then you will never actually capitalise on this potential sales improvement.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of using techniques to push your website to the top of search engines like Google or Bing. Coming up on page one of Google for the right keywords brings you new traffic and increased sales, as well as improvement to your brand exposure.


Competitor Analysis

We run in-depth reports on all of your competitors who are ranking high. This information tells us exactly what is required to rank on the first page.

Keyword Analysis

We analyse the industry to identify which keywords will be most effective as well as which keywords will yield a Return on Investment quickly.

Keyword Density

We analyse your website to see exactly what the search engines see. We ensure that your website is relevant for the keywords you wish to rank for.

Content Review

Reviewing the content allows us to implement keywords to increase relevancy. This will ensure that link building will have maximum effect.

META Title Review

We review and implement keyword relevant meta titles.

META Description Review

We review and implement keyword relevant meta descriptions.

Search Engine Verification

We submit and verify your website with the search engines.

We Optimise Page Title Tags

We implement Keyword Rich page titles.

XML Sitemap

We build and submit an XML Sitemap to Google.

Image & URL Alt Tags

We implement alt tags on all on-site URLS.

Keyword Targeted Content

We review and implement keyword targeted content.

Google Places Submission

We submit and review your business to Google Places.

Google Analytics & Tracking

We implement Google Analytics tracking code.


What is offsite SEO?

This refers to Search Engine Optimisation tactics that do not involved any direct manipulation of your website’s files. It refers to things that happen away from your website that have a direct influence on how your site behaves in search engines.

Link Building

We spend a large amount of time building up keyword related links that point to your website. We build quality over quantity!

Article/Blog Writing

Writing professional SEO articles is a great way to build up quality, one-way back links from keyword related websites.

Satellite Sites

Creating entire websites that focus on one specific keyword is a great way to rank. Satellite Sites are extremely relevant and can rank quickly.

Site Sponsorship

Sponsoring certain websites can be extremely effective at increasing back links into your website. We have close relationships with many publishers.

Keyword Targeted Articles

We write and publish Keyword Targeted Articles.

Article Directories

We publish articles to specific directories to generate link backs.

Community Profile Creation

We create Social pages that help expand your social profile.

Comment Link Building

We create a presence on keyword related blogs.

Business Directories

We submit listings to relevant business directories.

Review Site Submissions

We review your company on review sites to build links.

Local Directory Submission

We submit websites to local directories and websites in your area.

Premium Directory Submissions

We submit websites to premium directories that are respected by Google.

Social Link Building

We submit links to social networks to build a social profile.


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The cost of Search Engine Optimisation depends on a number of different factors. We work closely with our clients to ensure that targets are met and ROI is achieved quickly. Many of our clients have been working with us for several years so please do feel free to give us a call as we are flexible on price and we would love to explain exactly what we can do for you!